Glo-Brite Staff

At GLO-BRITE® , our commitment to quality is about how we make our products, how we service our clients and how we treat our people. Everyone takes interest and pride in their work and it shows in our products and in our staff. We are a family, dedicated and loyal. Many of our employees have been with us throughout the years. This is just a small sample:

  • 17 years - Lisa G.
  • 20 years - Ann C.
  • 26 years - Larry A.
  • 30 years - Angie L.
  • 37 years - Jimmy K

Paul Katz, President

Our mission is to provide holistic service to our customers. To us, customer service not only means that we ship high quality products at competitive prices with quick delivery times, but it also, and more importantly, means that we maintain personal contacts with our customers. One of the advantages of dealing with GLO-BRITE® is that if you have a part problem or a particular application need that you would like taken care of there is someone here who will be able to help you, listen to you, and work with you. It's important to us to be available and responsive to all of our customers, and to provide them with the kind of personalized service that has been the hallmark of Globe Specialty Company for over 58 years.

Gary I. Robin, Director of Engineering

Quality is very important because it guarantees that we meet all the requirements of the various standards of our industry. We continuously monitor, measure, record and analyze the quality related data that is generated from our process here at GLO-BRITE®

Neal Spurlock, National Sales Manager

GLO-BRITE® is totally committed to service. When other companies in our industry were cutting their inventories, we were building our inventory. Our goal and commitment to our customers is a 97-98 percent ship and pick. Another goal is 3 to 4 days in house with an order. That means that by the time we receive a customer's order by fax, phone or mail, it takes one day to process that order through our office. Then, it's out in the plant being filled, being turned over to a truck line. Now, that's service!

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Globe Specialty Company

Makers of the Innovative Glo-Brite® Vehicle Lighting and Electrical Products. We Manufacture Top-of-the-Line Components Including Original Equipment Type Lamps and Lenses for Light Duty Trucks, Pickups, Vans and Sport Utility Vehicles, as well as for RV's, Commercial and Heavy Duty Vehicles.